My Other Bags are Prada …

This quirky little tote is all about contradictions. It’s decidedly un-fashion, but shows you’re still a stylish girl. It’s a simple canvas bag that’ll hardly break your bank, but it will undoubtedly garner attention.

Just try to walk anywhere with this bag on your arm . You’ll feel like a true individual as you declare to the world in a tongue-in-cheek way that you’re not like the other fashionistas who try too hard.

With generous space and an internal pocket to hold everything you need, it’s perfect for school or being an eco-friendly grocery shopper.

enjoy the fun , stylish bag fashionistas 😉




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4 responses to “My Other Bags are Prada …

  1. lol

    i love the first one!

  2. cihui

    how much is the first one?
    i cant seem to go onto your website.

  3. iman

    is this bag for real? i like it

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