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our new collection hope you like it ;)


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House Of Harlow by Nicole Richie

Question: How did your jewelry line all come together?
Nicole: I had the idea to do the line about two years ago and it took that long for everything to really come together. I met Pascal [Mouawad] and he’s such a genius. I really respected him so I knew 100 percent that that’s who I wanted to partner up with and I’m really happy that I did.

Q: You had a baby in that time; how do you find the time to do all this?
N: I think there’s 24 hours in a day, and if you schedule it right it just all works out.

Q: Can you talk a bit about your inspiration behind House of Harlow?
N: I’m really inspired by the ’60s and ’70s. I have a pretty big collection of vintage jewelry so this particular collection was based off of that.

Q: You talked a bit about that collection of jewels and pieces from your family in InStyle. Are there any particular pieces you’re excited to pass down to your children?
N: Definitely! I would be honored to. My mom has passed down so many great pieces to me so that would be really great.

Q: Any plans to design for your charity at all?

N: Definitely! When the right opportunity comes along, yes. I love helping people.

our House of Harlow collection


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Acrylic Trends

check out our amazing acrylic accessories collection at our store ..

these are some of the designs but to check the whole collection visit our store at karizma ..

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My Other Bags are Prada …

This quirky little tote is all about contradictions. It’s decidedly un-fashion, but shows you’re still a stylish girl. It’s a simple canvas bag that’ll hardly break your bank, but it will undoubtedly garner attention.

Just try to walk anywhere with this bag on your arm . You’ll feel like a true individual as you declare to the world in a tongue-in-cheek way that you’re not like the other fashionistas who try too hard.

With generous space and an internal pocket to hold everything you need, it’s perfect for school or being an eco-friendly grocery shopper.

enjoy the fun , stylish bag fashionistas 😉



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Pop BlackBerry Bracelet

Pop is Ibrah’s new accessories line that is inspired by what is popular in Kuwait and the BlackBerry Bracelet is it’s first creations in this line

the Bracelet available in  : Black / Brown .

the blackberry in gold and silver plated .

you can find them online and in our store 🙂


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Big Shoulder

just Arrived at our store

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interested in chanel and balenciaga !

from an Italian artiest .. cute chanel and balenciaga bag tee ..

will be available very soon 😉


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Bling it On ..

Plain flip flops are so last season! The newest (and chicest) way celebrities are dressing up their feet for the holiday season is with Popits.

Stop the search for shoes, and a bigger suitcase –we got a fabulous range of essential summer flop flops  that are light , come in cool colours, and are complete with fabulous cocktail jewels to jazz up chic resort ensembles.

The range of glittery jewels, summer flowers, and boho peace clips can be added and interchanged with any of the flip flop giving you a capsule shoe collection that will take you from day to night throughout your trip.

these flip flop  accessories are already on the fashion radar of Hollywood’s style set including Nicole Richie, Lara Bingle, Miley Cyrus and Laura Dundovic.

available in out store and soon online at

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The ShortCut Booklet

in the amazing  Shortcut Booklet they’ve done it all to present you simply the crème de la crème ..

of art , fashion , beauty ,food , interiors , kids businesses in Kuwait and much more

you have to get your self a copy ..

Available in PDF And it will be available soon in  in GUST, Coffee Republic, and Caribou & more ..

check out our page 😉

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